Best Metal Detector Brands


Best Metal Detector Brands

When discussing best metal detector brands, 5 leaders in the industry come to mind.

  • Fisher Research Labs
  • Garrett Electronics Inc.
  • Minelab
  • Nokta Makro Detectors
  • XP metal detectors

It goes without saying that all of these brands have a strong customer focus. Most improve on their current platform and new model detectors by acting on customer and field tester feedback. Most cater from beginners all the way through to experts. 

Each of the brands typically offer around a 1 to 5 year product warranty and offer often in depth training and advice, maintaining their relationships with customers throughout their detecting journey. 

Some of these brands have ISO 9001 certification, which assures quality management systems are in place within the company. To provide a consistent experience to the customer.

Fisher Research Labs

At a glance: 

  • Founder: Dr. Gerhard R. Fisher
  • Since: 1931
  • Parent Company: First Texas Holdings
  • First Texas Holdings also owns Bounty hunter
  • Warranty: 2 – 5 year limited warranty
  • Address: 1120 Alza Dr. El Paso, TX. 79907 USA

Fisher is the longest running metal detector company, after Dr. Gerhard R. Fisher started it in 1931. Dr. Gerhard R. Fisher is well know for having the first ever metal detector patent granted in 1925.

The Metallascope was the first ever detector that Dr Fisher and his four employees started to make and they were made right out of his garage.

Dr Fisher retired in 1967, but even without its founder Fisher Research labs still grew substantially and was acquired by First Texas Holdings in 2006. Fisher remains in El Paso, Texas and continue to remain proudly USA made.

Fisher has a long standing reputation in the metal detecting space and has a wide range of products in different fields.

Fisher Product Range: 

Gold & treasure metal detectors

Coin & Treasure metal detectors

  • Fisher F44 Visual & Audio Target ID Metal Detector
  • Fisher F22 Visual & Audio Target ID Metal Detector 
  • Fisher F11 Visual & Audio Target ID Metal Detector
  • Fisher F4 Visual & Audio Target ID Metal Detector
  • Fisher F5 Visual & Audio Target ID Metal Detector 
  • Fisher F19 Ltd & F19 Ltd-P Visual & Audio Target ID Metal Detector 
  • Fisher F70 Visual & Audio Target ID Metal Detector 
  • Fisher F75 Visual & Audio Target ID Metal Detector 
  • Fisher F75 Ltd Visual & Audio Target ID Metal Detector 
  • Fisher F75+ Visual & Audio Target ID Metal Detector

Specialty – underwater metal detectors

  • Fisher CZ-21 Multi-Frequency Underwater Metal Detector
  • Fisher 1280-X VLF Underwater Metal Detector 

Gold prospecting metal detectors

  • Fisher Gold Bug Metal Detector 
  • Fisher Gold Bug-2 Metal Detector

Relic hunting / multi purpose / deep seeking metal detectors

  • Fisher CZ-3D Quicksilver Metal Detector
  • Fisher Gemini 3 Deepseeking 2 Box Metal Detector


  • Fisher M-Scope Portable Walk Through Metal Detector.
  • Fisher iGen LE Night Vision
  • Hand-Held Security Metal Detector (CW-10)
  • Evidence Finder (F4)


Fisher ferro-magnetic locators

  • Fisher FML-3
  • Fisher FPID 2100
  • Fisher FX3

Metal detectors

  • Fisher M-66
  • Fisher M-97
  • Fisher M-101 

Split Box Pipe & Cable Locator

  • Fisher TW-6

Digital Line Tracers

  • Fisher TW-82P
  • Fisher TW-82
  • Fisher TW-8800


Garrett Electronics Inc.

At a glance:

  • Founders: Dr Charles Lewis and Eleanor Garrett
  • Since: 1964
  • Warranty: 1 – 2 Years, Limited Parts/Labor
  • Address: 1881 W State St, Garland, TX 75042, United States
  • Owns whites metal detectors
  • ISO 9001 certified

Garret is the second longest running metal detector companies, starting back in 1964 by Dr Charles Lewis and Eleanor Garrett. Their first ever detector released was the dual search coil Hunter.

Garrett has a strong focus on producing the best possible detector for the best possible price. They continue to be USA made having their manufacturing facility and HQ in Texas.

In 2020 they acquired their competitor Whites Electronics, a detector company that was started in 1950 by Kenneth R. and Olive White. Making it possible for Whites Electronics to remain made the USA. Garrett are hoping to win over the large and loyal Whites Electronics followers in the future.

Garrett Product Range:


Coin & Treasure metal detectors

  • ACE 200
  • ACE 300
  • ACE 400
  • ACE Apex
  • AT Max
  • AT Pro
  • GTI 2500

Gold prospecting metal detectors

  • AT Gold
  • ATX

Specialty – underwater metal detectors

  • Sea Hunter Mk II


  • Pro-Pointer II
  • Pro-Pointer AT
  • Pro-Pointer AT Z-Lynk


Walk through metal detectors

  • PD 6500i
  • MZ 6100

Handheld metal detectors

  • Super Scanner V
  • Superwand
  • THD
  • CSI pro-pointer II
  • CSI pro-pointer AT


  • Recon PRO AML-1000
  • Recon PRO AML-750


At a glance: 

  • Since: 1985
  • Parent Company: Codan Ltd
  • Warranty: 1 to 3 year transferable warranties.
  • Address: Technology Park, 2 Second Ave, Mawson Lakes SA 5095
  • ISO 9001 certified

Minelab is an Australian based company located in Adelaide, South Australia. They started in 1985, placing them as one of the longest running metal detector companies. The first ever detector Minelab released was called Goldseekers 15000 in 1985.

Minelab was acquired by Codan in 2008, in 2015 both Codan and Minelab re located to todays headquarters at Mawson Lakes, South Australia.

Minelab is expanding fast and invests heavily in its R&D and is continuously releasing new and improved detectors. 

They manufacture their products in Adelaide and in Malaysia by US owned company Plexus who is a well known, high quality contract manufacturer.

Minelab is also well known for their countermine products. Providing detectors for both military and humanitarian operations.

Minelab Product Range:


Coin & Treasure metal detectors

  • GO-FIND 22
  • GO-FIND 44
  • GO-FIND 66
  • E-Trac
  • Safari
  • Vanquish 340
  • Vanquish 440
  • Vanquish 540
  • Equinox 600
  • Equinox 800
  • CTX 3030

Gold prospecting metal detectors

  • Gold Monster 1000
  • SDC 2300
  • GPX 5000
  • GPZ 7000

Specialty – underwater metal detectors

  • Excalibur II


  • PRO-FIND 15
  • PRO-FIND 20
  • PRO-FIND 35


  • F3 Compact
  • F3 Ci
  • F3
  • F3 UXO
  • MF5
  • MDS10
  • STMR Array

Nokta Makro Detectors

At a glance:

  • Since 2003 cited from their website
  • Based in Istanbul, Turkey.
  • 2 year warranty, 6 months on Lithium batteries
  • Address: Emek Mah. Sivat Yolu Cad. Sakiz Sok.No:4 Sancaktepe 34785 ISTANBUL / TURKEY
  • ISO 9001 certified

Based in Istanbul Turkey, Nokta Makro Detectors is considered the new kid on the block, as mentioned on their website they started producing detectors in 2003.

Unfortunately there isn’t a lot of information available on their website regarding their exact origins, but here is what we have learnt.

Originally there were 2 separate companies each owned by 2 brothers Nokta detectors and Makro detectors, eventually in 2011 they joined forces, by 2014 Nokta bought out Makro detectors and became what we know today.

Nokta Makro manufacture their products in Turkey.

Listening to their customers and developing products through feedback from customers is a part of why they have been successful.

Nokta Makro Product Range:

Coin & Treasure metal detectors

  • Mini Hoard
  • Midi Hoard
  • Invenio
  • Invenio PRO
  • Deep Hunter 3D
  • Jeohunter 3D Dual System
  • Jeohunter Basic System
  • Jeotech Led System
  • Simplex+
  • Anfibio Multi
  • Anfibio 14
  • Anfibio 19
  • Multi Kruzer
  • Kruzer
  • Impact
  • Racer 2
  • CF77 Coin Finder

Gold prospecting metal detectors

  • Gold Kruzer
  • Gold Racer
  • Au Gold Finder

Specialty – underwater metal detectors

  • PulseDive Scuba Detector
  • PulseDive 2-in-1 Set


  • PulseDive Pointer
  • Nokta pointer

Security detectors

Handheld metal detectors

  • Ultra Scanner

XP metal detectors

At a glance:

  • Founder: Alain Loubet
  • Since 1998
  • Made in France
  • 2 to 5 year parts and labour warranty
  • Address: ZI de Vic, 8 Rue du Développement, 31320 Castanet-Tolosan, France

Alain Loubet started XP metal detectors in 1998, producing handmade detectors in their original farm workshop, based in Toulouse, France. In 2011 they moved into their state of the art facility and further expanded their building again in 2015. XP still manufactures their detectors in France to this day. 

XP focuses on combining experienced detectorists’ user experience with their engineering team to  perfect the user experience of their detectors.

XP metal detectors are probably most well known for their wireless coil technology. This has allowed their detectors to maintain a sleek modern look, fitting for a French company.

XP Product Range:


Coin & Treasure metal detectors

  • ADX 150
  • G-Maxx II
  • Deus
  • ORX

Gold prospecting metal detectors

  • ORX
  • Gold Maxi Power


  • MI-6
  • MI-4


These are the best metal detector brands currently in our opinion, we it comes down to which detector you should buy, we recommend trying to borrow or hire different brands and models. Just like most things in life, everyone has their own opinion, often when comparing similar models the performance is so close it comes down to what feels and looks best to you. At the end of the day, all of these brands are excellent choices.

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