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Metal Detector Just For Gold

With the advancement of technology, detectorists are spoilt with choice of metal detectors, but is there a metal detector just for gold?  Let's look at which type will be most suitable and then at some products currently on the market. Metal Detector Just For Gold When coin and treasure detectors ...

Minelab SDC 2300 Gold Detector

The SDC 2300 gold detector is one of Minelab’s mid-range gold detectors released back in 2014 during ‘the global gold rush’. It’s probably one of the easiest gold detectors to use on the market and one of the most rewarding.  Build The SDC 2300 looks tough and is tough, the mechanics of this ...

Garrett ATX Pulse Induction Metal Detector

The Garrett ATX pulse induction metal detector is a gold detector for the consumer market, released in 2013. Garrett has said that the ATX meets military specifications, one would assume so as the mechanical platform looks to be based on Garretts military Recon PRO countermine detector.  ...

Minelab SDC 2300 vs Garrett ATX

When it comes to chasing small gold in mineralized soils you better reach for a pulse induction metal detector. But which detector is worth your hard earned dollars? In this article we will be looking at the Minelab SDC 2300 vs Garret ATX. Detector OverviewHere we have two gold detectors, Minelab’s ...

Looking To Start Metal Detecting

If you’re looking to start metal detecting now is the best time to start. You don’t need to outlay an enormous amount of money to get into the world of detecting. Why metal detecting People are attracted to metal detecting for a number of different reasons.  Getting out in nature - most ...

How Do Metal Detectors Work

If you have ever wondered how do metal detectors work, then this page is for you. We often forget how amazing metal detectors are and how much they have changed from their original design.  Who invented metal detectors Spurred on by the thirst for iron ore during the 1800s, scientists and ...

Good Places to Use a Metal Detector

For some going detecting can be a great stress reliever, just being outside amongst nature and fresh air, with family or friends is perfect even without a big find. For others the thrill of the hunt is what keeps them awake at nite thinking about their next detecting expedition. Sometimes it can ...

Best Metal Detector Brands

  Best Metal Detector Brands When discussing best metal detector brands, 5 leaders in the industry come to mind. Fisher Research LabsGarrett Electronics Inc.MinelabNokta Makro DetectorsXP metal detectors It goes without saying that all of these brands have a strong customer focus. ...

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